07.12.22 – Follow the Leader

AO: The Oakery

QIC: Deacon



About 60F and partly cloudy, but nice and dry

Warm up

Flexibility Routine:

Neck stetches

Child’s pose

Lat stretch

Side arm stretch

Cobra push ups

Lying knee tuck

Glute stretch

Hip swivel

Low squat to pike

Low lunge

Twisting lunge

Rocking frog

Low squat to pike

The Thang

Taking turns leading, each Pax led a one-minute mosey and then a one-minute exercise of their choice. To the best of my memory these included:



Big Bois

Bonnie Blairs

Goblet Squats

Grip Hang

Stump Jumps

More Merkins

Wall Sit


Wall Jumps

(and several more I’ve blanked out…)


Plank up-downs (10x IC)

LBCs (10x IC)

Hand release merkins (10x IC)

Freddy Mercuries (10x IC)

Box Cutters (10x IC)


Discussed the brevity of life and the value of enjoying the present time we have.

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