7/6 – Don’t Rain on My Parade

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Steamy Nix

PAX: Danish, Leprechaun, Bob Evans, Stray Cat, Jellyfish, Frazier (down ranger)

Conditions muggy, mid-50’s.

Warm up

Side Straddle Hops X 20

Slow high Knees X 12

Arm circles (each way) X 10

Daisy Pickers X 10 (then next leg) X 10

Don Quixotes (Windmills) X12

Monkey humpers X10

World’s ultimate stretch X6

Mosey to the North side of the school

The Thang

Side Lunges (Hard Count) X 10

Box Jumps or Step Ups X10

Incline Murican X10

Repeat X3

Wall sits for 1.5 minutes with cherry pickers and front/overhead claps (30 seconds each). 

Head to the track. 

Line up on the end zone. 

Gassers to each 10 yard line increment to the 50. 10 normal count mountain climbers when you get back. 

Then sprint to the other end zone. Drop and dish out 20 burpees. 

Repeat but with muricans after each gasser.

Repeat a 3rd time but with toe touch planks. 

Then pick up the 6. 

At the end zone

6inch planks for 60 seconds.

Box cutters X10

Penguins X30

Mosey back to front of school

CoT – a reminder to look out for people not in our circle. The world needs more individuals to be present, empathetic, and inclusive. Get off the phone and reach out to someone you haven’t in a while. Love your neighbor.

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