It started and ended with the Hill

QIC: Walkman

PAX: Danish, Lumbergh, Kiwi, Free Lunch, Jelly Fish, Stray Cat, Leprechaun


65 and sweaty! Everyone arrived on time and we. Got. After it with my last Q.

Warm up

Mosied to 52nd and then down the road to the parking lot by the baseball field. I encouraged everyone to think about the things they’ve learned from F3 as we circled up for Monkey Humpers x 10, Slow High knees x10, Windmill x10, Imperial Walkers x10, Arm Scissors x10, neck rolls x 12, Third Grade x 10, Daisy Pickers x10.

The Thang

Mosied to the hill. Bear Crawl up, 30 merkins, jog down. Bear crawl up, 25 merkins, jog down. Repeato, decreasing merkins x 5 until finished. The pax was encouraged to shout out/share what they’ve learned from F3 each time they were at the bottom of the hill. Lots of good things shared! Accountability, Fit and Friended men turn outward, F does not stand for fellatio, etc etc.

Mosied to the blue bathroom building and grabbed some wall for wall sits + Cherry pickers x 15, Morrocan night clubs x 15, OHP x 15.

Mosied to the tennis courts (so Free Lunch didn’t die from hay fever) and Nur’d (backwards Run) to the other side, squats x 30, nur back, squats x 25, repeato, decreasing squats x 5 until finished.

Ran to the end of first court, Burpee’s x 5, ran back. Ran to end of second court, Burpee’s x 5., ran back. Ran to end of third court, Burpees x 10, Ran back. Ran to end of court, Burpees x 15, ran back.


Frozen Freddies x 15


I Shared the most impactful things I’ve learned from F3 and we all shared the impacts they have had on our lives. Also shared that you don’t have to move to plant a new flag, I’m looking forward to coming back and finding many more around PDX!

I’ve loved my opportunity to grow and lead all of you, thank you men!

Walkman Out!

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