AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Walkman

PAX: Jellyfish, Artois, Free Lunch, Stray Cat, Bob Evans


low 50’s and dry! Beautiful morning! Pax arrived on time (Q was a minute late!).

Warm up

Mosy to the Field with our Coupons, circled up in the middle for 10ea of neck Rolls, Arm Scissors, Imperial Walkers, Windmills, slow high knees, third grade exercise, Monkey humpers and Jane Fondas. s

The Thang

Team exercise just like a Dora but with a twist, making it an Isla.

A few of you heard of my recent visit to a local school where my 3 year old had to poop and I had to run her home. Turns out she weighs about the same as a coupon.

So each team had a certain amount of work to do, and one partner does the movement while the other runs across the field and back with their coupon.

The work: 150 Merkins, 150 bonnie blairs, 150 freddie mercury’s.

The twist: if you don’t go fast enough with the coupon, you get shit on. If your partner does more than 30 of the movement while you’re running, you were going too slow, and you get a punishment.

For this first leg, two of the teams had 6 total punishments – which were explained at the end.

Then we mosied to the stairs with our coupons and did a similar format, with 90 dips as the work. No punishments earned here.

Mosied to the ‘rod.


The punishment was 4 burpees for each ‘shit on’. 24 total burpess earned and we completed them as a Pax.


I shared that the trip I’m on now is about 1 year from the one I was on when I learned that my friend Tom took his own life. Later that year, I lost another male friend in the same way. My conviction on the importance of things like F3, of helping men become fit and friended, has grown tremendously because of these events. Men are struggling. And they don’t tell anyone. And often they don’t know that it doesn’t have to be that way. F3 isn’t the only path for a man to get right, live right, lead right, and leave right, but it’s the one I can share, and I find it incredibly important to do so.

Great work Men.


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