06.16.22 – Oil and Gas Exploration

AO: The Oakery

QIC: Ghost

PAX: Output, Deacon, Dad Joke, Ram, Revolution


50ish degrees, dry

Warm up

SSH x 20IC

Don Quixotes x 10IC

halos x 10IC

Hillbillies x 10IC

leg swings forward x 8OYO each way

leg swings sideways x 8OYO each way

calf raises – 15 seconds OYO each side

Mosey around parking lot loop twice, then mosey back to playground.

The Thang

Three playground areas are three islands. Rotate through the islands OYO. Bear crawl between islands. When you arrive you “explore” them by looping around the wood barrier. balance walking on the East West sections, jumping over and back on the North South sections.

  • Then on each island you “pump” out the oil.
  • 1st Island: 20 rows, 20 burpees
  • 2nd Island: 20 merkins, 20 squat thrusts
  • 3rd Island: 20 dips, 20 big boys



Talk about real brotherhood/friendship. Revolution’s son’s emergency eye surgery just reminded me of the importance of being there for each other in times of need. As we build a community we want it to function as a real support for people physically, emotionally, spiritually. We need to express our needs but also offer support to each other.

He described how the stress of having a sick child challenges his faith, can lead him to a feeling of helplessness and depression, and also can cause other family relationships to languish as all attention is on one person. He also mentioned how important simple words of encouragement are when he is in the thick of it. Other people are “beacon’s of God’s light” I believe is how he phrased it.

We took time to share concerns, prayer requests, and needs that we have.

Ghost out

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