6/9/2022 – Grunts and Groans

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Danish

PAX: Artois, Bob Evans, Free Lunch, Stray Cat, Walkman


I didn’t get a read on the temps but it was balmy. Perfect sweating weather.

Warm up

Mosey to track

SSH x 20

Slow high knees x 10

Fast high knees x 20

Imperial Walkers x 10

Hill Billies x 10

Lunge stretches x 6

The Thang

Wall sit sequence

50 reps each of:

Inverted Row

Big Boys




Bear crawl to the other end of the field

Run back

Repeat but the second crossing of the field being Burpee broad jumps


I talked about drink driving and how it’s so prevalent in this country. I grew up in the UK where it’s a taboo to ever get in a car after a drink. I brought this up because I just spoke with someone who’s wife had been killed by a drink driver while she was out running. My challenge to this pax is to not be cheap, lazy or dangerous by getting into the car after having been drinking. Get a ride, walk home, or be disciplined enough not to drink to impairment (0.08). This is a life and death consequence that not only affects you but your family and everyone around you.

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