6/6/22 – Leave it better than you found it

AO: The lightning Rod

QIC: Straycat

PAX: walkman, free lunch, Jellyfish, Kiwi


55F, wet ground but didn’t rain

Warm up

Mosey to track

SSH x 25IC

Scissor arms x 8I C

Hillbillies x 10 IC

Slow high knees x 10 IC

Third Grade Exercise x 10IC

50 M left sideways

100 M run

50 M right sideways

50 M backwards

150 M Run

The Thang

Intervals 45 sec on 10 sec rest (we got through the list 1.5 times).

Merkin to Crab Touch (alternate sides)

Mike Tysons

Glute Bridge to Push through

Superman Merkin

Apollo Ono Burpie

Peter Parker Plus

Cross Plank Crunch Left Side

Cross Plank Crunch Right Side

Leg Raises

Star Big Boys

Side Plank tap and reach through

Side Plank tap and reach through (other side)

Bonnie Blair

(Repeat for time)

25 Rows IC

Mosey back

Leg Raises x 20 IC

LBC x 20 IC


One of my clients has a company mission statement “Leave it better than you found it”. I’ve found that is a pretty good mission statement for my life. You can leave all you interactions, your company, your family, your city and your country “Better than you found it”. I’ve shared about some of my experiences over the last year about having more of a mission focus at work beyond making as much money as possible.

There was a lot of good discussion about personal mission statements and how they might direct our lives better over the coming year.

StrayCat Out…

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