2/3/22 – How to destroy your legs and shoulders

AO: The lightning Rod

QIC: Kiwi

PAX: herbie, walkman, free lunch, fabio, steamy nix, stray cat, slash, Jellyfish


50, one of the first warm mornings but still off and on rain

Warm up

Halo x 10IC

SSH x 20IC

Imperial walkers x 10IC

Slow high knees x 10IC

Monkey humper x 10IC

Windmill x10IC

3rd-grader x 10IC

Mosey to roundabout -1000m with morning merkins

Continue mosey track with half a lap of 6 person ‘run’ doing lunges. Man at the back does 5 merkins and bear crawl to the front. continue for half lap, then switch to a normal run 6 person run with 5 squats.

The Thang

Start at the endzone and run to the 10 yard line, run back and do that many merkins, run to the 20 yard line stopping at the 10 yard line for 10 bonnie blairs – easy count – run back and do 20 merkins. Run out to the 30 yard line, stopping to do 10 bonnie blairs at the 10 and 20 yard line. Keep going till everyone is passed the 50 yard line.

The same format with Gorilla walking out to the 10 and back to the 50 yard line for 10 jump squats. gorilla walk out to the 20 and stop at the 10 both ways for mountain climbers. 20 more squats at the 50 yard line. continue till you reach the end of the field.


Peter parkers x 10IC


In rock climbing, the most dangerous person that can belay you is the intermediate climber.  The beginning climber will check everything thoroughly because they are scared to miss something.  The expert climber will check everything because he has made mistakes and learned what he needs to check.  However, the intermediate climber hasn’t seen the consequences of the mistakes he has made, nor is he nervous enough to frantically check and double-check everything. I am arriving in my career and life in a lot of ways as an intermediate.  I am looking for ways to cultivate a beginner’s mind so that I don’t have to suffer the mistakes and consequences.

Many made good points including slash and walkman about the process as the most important part.  constantly taking on things you aren’t good at but enjoying, helps work that muscle. Also, the value we bring in those intermediate areas is being upfront and honest about our ignorance and blindspots and seeking out resources to support us.

Was a great one, thanks, guys.


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