05.31.22 – Killer Bs +5

AO: The Oakery

QIC: Ghost

PAX: Ram, Dad Joke, Output, Mad Dog, Fishman,


50, overcast, dry, dew on the grass

Warm up

SSH x 20IC

Imperial Walkerss x 10IC

Reachers x 10IC

Mountain Climbers x 20IC

Daisy Pickers x 10IC

leg swings forward x 8OYO each way

leg swings sideways x 8OYO each way

calf raises – 15seconds OYO each side

Mosey around school and grab coupons

20 coupon curls to tricep press – pass back and forth to partner.

All heads toward the middle in a circle on our backs. Pass the coupon to each person and press it once, while holding legs aloft.

The Thang

Circuit in the parking lot focused on killer bs.

Merkins, Bear crawl to end of chain, Bonnie Blairs, run to stumps, stump jumps, run back, burpees, broad jump to other side of parking lot, big boys, lateral back and forths on parking lot lines, rows.

Start with 5 reps of each. Add 5 after each circuit.



G.K. Chesterton says that anything worth doing is worth doing badly. Although it is true that anything worth doing is worth doing well his point is that we shouldn’t be afraid to take risks, try new things, and doing things that we love doing even if we aren’t that good at them. Amateurs “love” what they do.

People also shared prayer requests.

Output and Mad Dog have some heavy things, Fishman has more home duties this week. Ghost wants to move in same direction with wife.

Ghost out

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