05.13.22 – Because that’s what Heroes do…

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: StrayCat

PAX: Herbie


37F. This can’t be May.

Warm up

SSH x 20 IC

Scissor Arms x 10 IC

Halos x 10 IC

Side Lunges x 8 IC

Slow High Knees x8 IC

Third Grade Exercies x 8 IC

Mosey to track and run 400 meters

The Thang

30 second Intervals w/ 5 sec rest


Plank Get Ups


Toe Touch LBCs

Mountain Climbers

Bent Leg V-Sit

Prisoner Squats

Flutter Kicks

Plank Jack Merkins

Bonnie Blairs

Rest 1 minute and then Repeat above 4 times

Mosey back to Flag


15 Count Side Plank IC

15 Count SIde Plank IC (other side)


Shared about how I’m trying be a better leader and mentor at work. I started the Walkman “Language of Leadership” course which I think will help me a lot. I’m thankful for the opportunities I have. There are people in hospital beds praying for the lives and opportunities we take for granted every day.

StrayCat Out!

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