05.11.22 – Row Your Boat

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Slash

PAX: Danish, Herbie, FreeLunch, BobEvans


Low 40s, dry with a beautiful sunrise coming on up. Bob Evans forgot his coupon, so he did all this with a boulder, hahaha.

Warm up

Mosey lap

Fast High Knees x20 IC

Plank clocks x12 IC

Reverse snow angles x12 IC

Halos x10 IC

Rifle carry coupon to the row bars next to the track

The Thang

Back to Back

Round 1

20 slow rows (3 seconds up, 1 second down)

Murder bunny rows across the track (do a row between each bunny hop) 

10 Staggered merkins on left 

Coupon drag across field 

20 Reverse snow angles at mid-field 

10 Staggered merkins on right 

Murder bunny rows across track

20 Coupon swings at gate to school 

Return with bunny murder rows

Pick up the six

Round 2

3 sets of:

20 slow rows IC

12 staggered merkins on each side IC

12 coupon swings IC

Rifle carry back to the LR, all men pause when one needed a break. We took about 3 pauses before getting back to the LR.


Shared about how this week has been tough with a lot going on at home. Good to be heard and supported by the group!

Rock on, Slash!

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