(5/10/22) Down and back +1

AO: The Oakery

QIC: Ghost

PAX: Ram, Dad Joke, Deacon, Mad Dog


42, overcast, dry

Warm up

SSH x 20IC

Imperial Walkers x 10IC

Scissor Arms x 8IC

Daisy pickers x 10IC

World’s Greatest Stretch

leg swings forward x 8OYO each way

leg swings sideways x 8OYO each way

calf raises – 15seconds OYO

Mosey around the building and pick up coupons.

The Thang

In parking lot. Run to wall and back. Complete first exercise. Run to wall and back. Complete first 2 exercises. Add another exercise each time. Once you get up to doing all 7 then remove first exercise on the next round. Then remove first two. Continue for time.

  1. Burpees x5
  2. Coupons Rows x10
  3. Merkins x15
  4. Bonnie Blairs x20 easy count
  5. Freddie Mercury’s x25 easy count
  6. Over and back jumps (over coupon) x30 easy count
  7. GT squats x35

Put coupons away


Dead bug shuffle – 7 yards each way

outlaws – 8IC each way


Talked about go30 goals for May briefly

Talked about benefit of the convergence and the encouragement of having others in this with us.

The main thing on my mind was habit formation. I like puzzles and though they aren’t really a problem in and of themselves, my small obsession with them can get in the way of much more important things (like family time) in my life. It is often the little habits we form that seem harmless, but can do the most damage in leading us away from vital, intentional living.

Mad dog shared how much he enjoyed family reading time when he was younger.

Dad Joke shared his creative habit of creating “dad jokes” and how that has been a good thing for him and others.

Deacon brought up that it is perhaps time for some other PAX to be encouraged to step up and lead some of the workouts. Yuss!

Ghost out

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