(5/5/22) Exploratory Death March

AO: The Oakery

QIC: Ghost

PAX: Ram, Dad Joke, Rubik, Output, Deacon, Fishman, Mad Dog, Revolutioon


50, showers

Warm up

SSH x 20IC

Imperial Walkers x 10IC

Scissor Arms x 8IC

Daisy Pickers x 12IC

on your six – side ankle touches x20IC

single leg bridges x 10 IC each side

dead bug shuffle 10 feet each way

Bring Sally Up – with single arm plank leg lift

The Thang

Mosey to Coop Road

Bataan Death March – 3 burpees up the hill then back and up the side road and back

Stop for 10 squats and 10 merkins in a circle on awkward cadence (holding for random amounts of time before coming back up)

Mosey around meadow path at school and back to flag pole


Reachers (squat to jump/reach) x20IC

Ankle touches x20IC

calf raises – 20 seconds each leg

Reverse Snowman x20IC

Merkins x20IC

Frozen Freddies x 20IC


You practice like you play

F3 is like practice for the adversity we face in life. That’s why we meet outdoors rain or shine. It gives us a chance to handle whatever life throws at us. That’s why we left the cover today even though it was raining. The next couple of months will be relatively easy, but will we be able to build a movement at the Oakery that lasts through the winter? It remains to be seen.

We are preparing for difficult times that will lie ahead – Ephesians 6:13

Ghost out

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