(5/3/22) 50/50

AO: The Oakery

QIC: Ghost

PAX: Ram, Dad Joke, Rubik, Output


50, overcast, dry

Warm up

SSH x 20IC

Hillbillies x 10IC

Halos x 8IC

Windmills x 10IC

leg swings forward x 8OYO each way

leg swings sideways x 8OYO each way

calf raises – 15seconds OYO

Mosey around to get coupons.

The Thang

Complete in any order OYO

Laps around school x5

Donkey kicks x50

Coupon manmakers x50

Coupon curls x50

Shoulder press w/ feet on picnic table (coupon press for modification) x50

Bonnie Blairs x50

Coupon shrugs x50


No time


Talked about go30 goals for May and encouragement to attend the convergence.

My goal is to at leasts once during each meal focus consciously on chewing and swallowing my food before taking the next bite. Rubik wants to do 10 pullups twice per day. Dad Joke wants to connect better with some friends. Ram wants to be on time to his various commitments

Rubik asked for prayer for leading his Bible study group on Thursday

Ghost out

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