4/30 Lava Field Suicide Rando’s

AO: Lava Field

QIC: Steamy Nix

PAX: Leprechaun, Bob Evans

Overcast, warmer (low 50’s). Dew on turf.

Warm up

SSH X 20; slow high knees X 12 HC; Arm circles X 10 (then reverse); Daisy Pickers X 10 (then opposite leg) Dox Quixote’s X 12; Upward and downward dog stretch; 1 lap around track.


Half field suicides;

50 squats, then run to the 50 YL and back; 40 Big boys then run to the 40YL and back; 30 curls for the girls with coupon then 30YL and back, 20 Mericans and 20 YL and back; lunges to 10 and back. Repeat once

Next, from one side of the endz one to the other (width) as families showed up on the field for lacrosse.

Mountain climbers X50, job across end zone and back; 40 bonny blairs then jog across and back; 30 overhead presses with a coupon then across and back, 20 Mericans then across and back, 10 Freddy Mercuries, jog and back.

Then, one minute 6-inchers. Followed by 35 box cutters. Recover


This session was followed by a short reminder to be compassionate, and to be their for others who may not necessarily deserve it. I’ve got some family with some dysfunctional behavior and while I do need boundaries with them, I can also still be engaged in their lives. They often don’t know how their own behaviors affect me. I can be kind to them still.

Great work Men!

Steamy Nix

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