(04/22/22) – Double Down for 22s

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Lumbergh

PAX: Walkman, Danish, Herbie, Jellyfish


A perfect 40 degrees with the sun peaking thru the gloom

Warm up

  • SSH x 22
  • Slow High Knees x 11
  • Windmill x 11
  • Daisy Pickers x 22
  • 3rd Grade Exercises x 11
  • Halos x 11

The Thang

Mosey to the parking lot

FORMAT: First partner dictates pace, completes maxes out reps of an exercise while

Round 1: Merkin Lunges

  • Partner 1: Merkins
  • Partner 2: Lunge walks 22 steps (11 each leg), yells out “DONE” to initiate the Switch
  • Switch
  • Partner 1: Lunge walks 22 steps (11 each leg)
  • Partner 2: Merkins
  • Complete: 2 rounds each, mosey to the stadium

Round 2: Stair Dips

  • Partner 1: Dips
  • Partner 2: Runs up and down the stairs twice, yells out “DONE” to initiate the Switch
  • Switch
  • Partner 1: Runs up and down stairs twice
  • Partner 2: Dips
  • Complete: 2 rounds each, mosey to the track

Round 3: Squat Sprints

  • Partner 1: Squats
  • Partner 2: Sprints 200m, yells out “DONE” to initiate the Switch
  • Switch
  • Partner 1: Sprints 200m, yells out “DONE” to initiate the Switch
  • Partner 2: Squats
  • Complete: 2 rounds each (aka each team will finish 400m), mosey to the grass hill

Round 3: Bunny Bear Donkeys

  • Partner 1: Donkey Kicks
  • Partner 2: Bunny hop up the grass hill, bear crawl down
  • Switch
  • Partner 1: Bunny hop up the grass hill, bear crawl down
  • Partner 2: Donkey Kicks
  • Complete: 2 rounds each

Round 4: PAX Sticks Together

  • AO Mosey
  • Mosey from hill to stadium on the track
  • Zig and Zag up and down the stadium (just large section), work your way back to the start of the stadium
  • Mosey up the grass hill above the track, across to the stairs and back down to track
  • Squats till the six is in
  • Mosey back to parking lot
  • At the top, flat section of the parking lot (allowing PAX to catch breath), Lunge Walk x 22 IC
  • Merkins x 22 IC

Mosey back to LR


  • Grounded LBCs x 22
  • LBXs x 22
  • Flutter Jacks x 22
  • Leg Raises x 22


Personal Share

My definition of male friendships: Two men who have a sense of comradery. They may spend time together, have similar interests, or relate on a deep level. They at times can have an unspoken and spoken commitment to the other individual. It can also happen that on an emotional level there is a connection or shared vulnerability.

This occurred for me yesterday. I recently had to physically return to work a couple days a week. I don’t hate but my situation is unique. I’m a globally employee who has no commitment to NAM or a team to connect with in NAM. Long story short, I have no ‘reason’ to physically return to work. That said, wearing sweating pants and actually holding myself accountable to a true cadence, schedule, milestone….all of it was excusable b/c the world was upside down. I realized, I used it as a leverage to be less than capable, less valuable, less required. Over a year’s time, I developed bad behaviors.

Today, I return to the office fully, no team, no peers, no reason. But I went, I felt God’s pull to get back on THIS path. I stopped fighting and went. I was anxious, unsure. Push thru the morning, did my thing. Till Danish reached out, invited me to a ‘Fun Run’ at noon….I had my gear and showed up, went for a 2 miler (bonus Houdini showed up too, for what I know is the same reasons), then I stayed in the gym and busted out 1/4 Murph with them, then did a small circuit, then a 500m row (almost splashed merlot)… Later that day, I received a text from Danish sharing how proud he was of me putting in the extra work. While I’m not here to gloat on my work, it’s more a reflection of the relationship I have with Danish (and all my F3 brothers). Point being, sometimes you need faith, sometimes you need change, sometimes you need everything you NEVER thought you needed, and ALWAYS you need a brother next you.

That’s a wrap,


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