(4/19/22) Asymmetry

AO: The Oakery

QIC: Ghost

PAX: Mad Dog, Fishman, Output, Deacon


42 degrees and light rain.

Warm up

SSH x 20IC

Leg swings foward x 8eaIC

Leg swings sideways x 8eaIC

Scissor arms x 10IC

Hillbillies x 10IC

Reachers x 10IC

Mosey around parking lot. Then grab the three coupons

The Thang

2 rounds of interval workout 30 seconds on, 15 seconds rest

Right leg squats with coupon on right shoulder

Right arm coupon shoulder press

Right arm plank

Right leg Jane Fondas

Right leg split squats

Right arm row

Lap Around School

Same thing on left side.

Lap Around School


Merkins x 30IC

Big Boys x 20IC

Reverse Snow Angel x 20IC

Frozen Freddies x 20IC

Flutter jacks x 20IC


Kind of a rambling one…

First, just want to encourage PAX to keep making that consistent effort to be here. The novelty has worn off.

Second, thinking about asymmetry (Russia vs Ukraine, State media vs. free media, powerful vs. disenfranchised). I’m disturbed by the dehumanizing and radical rhetoric coming from RT TV, the asymmetry between truth and the rhetoric. I want us to be in dialog with each other so that moderate voices are being heard rather than just the radical ones in the media. We must be willing and able to talk and to learn from each other or we too are susceptible to aiding and abetting terrible things.

Deacon reminded us of how Jesus always got to the heart of the matter and it usually transcended our categories and polarization.

Output talked about the importance of using God’s word, rather than our own opinions, as the foundation for our thinking.

Ghost out

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