04.16.22 – Terrible Tens

AO: LavaField

QIC: Slash

PAX: SteamyNix, Leprechaun, Slumberkins


Upper 40s, dry with a beautiful sunrise coming up over the field.

Warm up

Mosey lap

Halos x10 IC

Forward + Reverse Shoulder circles x10 each way

Seal claps x10 IC

Squats jacks x12 IC

Down dog hold x10 IC

Shoulder taps x10 IC

The Thang

Terrible Tens

3 rounds…

Round 1

10 Manmakers 

20 Overhead presses 

30 Coupon Swings 

40 Goblet Squats 

50 Incline block merkins 

3 lap run 

Round 2

Increase each movement by 10

Decrease run to 2 laps 

Round 3 

Increase each movement by 10, again (+20 from round 1)

Decrease run to 1 laps 

(This was a banger! The man makers were a killer. Mentally and physically demanding to get through it all. Great effort from the PAX!)


Easter + Rebirth

I’m not religious but find easter to be a meaningful holiday. It has pre-christian pagan roots as a celebration of the spring as a season of rebirth – celebrating the return of what was lost (leaves, flowers, sunlight, etc). Many of our easter traditions are passed down to represent that celebration: resurrection, eggs, rabbits (screwing like bunnies and having lots of babies).

To me it represents a moment to reflect on the ability we all have to begin again. Our lives have seasons, and some are challenging. But from the darkness there’s light around the corner. And not just once a year, but every moment. And in each moment of our lives, we have the opportunity to leave the past behind and start fresh.

Slumberkins shared a piece of advice he heard: don’t believe in what day it is. The day of the week is an artificial construct. Whether it’s Friday, Sunday or Monday our intention and energy to meet it shouldn’t be dictated by what day it is. Cool thought!

Rock on, Slash!

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