4/7 Steamy Nix VQ

AO:  Lightning Rod

QIC: Steamy Nix

PAX: Lumberg, Slash, Stray Cat, Walkman, Free Lunch, Herbie


Dry, about 38-41 degrees

Warm up

Side Straddle Hops X 20

Slow high Knees X 12

Fast high knees X 12 

Daisy Pickers X 10 (then next leg) X 10

Don Quixotes (Windmills) X12

The Thang

  • Mosey to back of school, down stairs and near hill.

Start with: 11’s,  Merkins, run up the hill, burpees. 

Burpees until 6 is in.

  • Mosey to football field.

Lined up on sideline. Start with 5 of each of the following, then 15, then 20, to 25, 30, then back down

Kettle Bells, curls for the girls, squat with overhead press, big boys, 

After each circuit, lunges halfway across the field, then job back to sideline.

Jog back to the other side. 


Since this was my first VQ I decided to share what F3 has meant to me. I shared about my past, struggle with anxiety, how events have led up to my current struggles but how I have been working on myself over the last year and how F3 has been a piller of fun, encouragement and support through it all.

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