(4/4/22) “… I would do 500 reps and I would do 500 more…”

AO: LightningRod

QIC: Kiwi

PAX: StrayCat, Walkman, Jellyfish,, FreeLunch, Diamond Dave


53, but oh soo much rain!!


Halo x 10
fast high knees x 10
Windmill x10
3rd grader x 10
Hillbilly x 10
SSH x 10

Mosey 400 yards, 10 pushups mosey to the back corner.

10 Burpee box jumps and mosey back to the flag

The Thang

10 stations with 50 reps at each station. everyone rotates through the stations. If the next station isn’t open stay and do extra credit at your station till it is open. Stations below:

one-legged squat
jump squats
real Peter Parker
American hammers
flutter kick
pickle bombers
leg lifts
frozen Freddies
hop overs on the bike bars
rows on bike bars

Run 200 yards 5 burpees, jog back

hold a plank for ten count, then switch to shoulder taps x 10, then knee to elbow x 10


Personal Ethics Commitment

I started a project for this month to build my Personal ethics commitment. I want to put in writing a clear and transparent list of my ethics and commitments to my friends, clients, and community. I want to have something tangible I can point to when I come across any grey areas in my life.

Lately, I have been finding my professional life and friendship life has begun to blur. In my work life, I have a very clear and defined code of ethics. I enjoy having that clear distinction, but when it comes to prioritizing ethics it can become hard. Do you support a friend by going out for a drink, or do you stay in and sober so you can best serve your community tomorrow. My goal for this month is to find what I am 100% committed to and build my ethics around that. I invite all who want to join me and will have a concrete list at the end of the month to share.


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