04.01.22 – Bunny Hill

AO: LightningRod

QIC: Slash

PAX: SteamyNix, Danish, StrayCat, Walkman, Jellyfish, Kiwi, FreeLunch, Herbie


Low 40s, dry (at least in the air, on the grass was another story!).

Warm up

SSH x20 IC

Oil Riggers x10 IC each side (1 leg at a time)

Slow high knees x10 IC

Old Man Test – take your socks and shoes off. while standing, put your right sock and shoe on, lace it up without touching your right foot to the ground. repeat with left foot.

Mosey to playground with coupons

5 pull-ups (with 3 men on the bar at a time, while others waiting did goblet squats. rotate until everyone has done 5 pull-ups) (modify as needed into negative pull ups or supported pull ups with legs)

Mosey with coupon to bottom of hill.

The Thang

Bunny Hill

Bottom of hill: 5 loaded lunge presses on R, then 5x on L 

Murder bunnies up the hill 

Top of hill: 5 man makers 

Run with coupon to playground bars 

5 pull-ups (modify as needed into negative pull up or supported pull up)

Run with coupon to top of hill 

5 man makers 

Bunny murder down hill 

Repeat above with 10 reps at each station

Repeat with 15 reps at each station

Mosey to LR, hold plank for 6.


Regression to the Mean

I’m bummed I’ve missed 3 weeks of F3 workouts due to travel and family illnesses. I first thought about it in terms of “why is this happening to me” but reframed it as “why is this happening for me”. It helped me change my POV and see it as an opportunity to be grateful. No one was in the hospital or seriously ill. I was still able to work out on my own.

I also didn’t beat myself up because I factor in these “extremes” when thinking about my routine. The highs and the lows even themselves out. Regression to mean is all about the tendency for the extreme highs or extreme lows to become more moderate (i.e., closer to the mean) over time. It applies to consistency in working out and why taking advantage of small increments matter. When I can workout it’s important that I do because I’m preparing for those times when it’s out of my control.

StrayCat brought the coffee and cups for Coffeeteria. Great time hanging.

Rock on, Slash!

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