3.28.22 Cave Dwellers!

AO: >Lightning Rod

QIC: > Walkman

PAX: > Jelly Fish, Lumbergh, Kiwi, Stray Cat, Free Lunch


mid 40’s and dry! Pax showed up in good moods with sore legs from Saturday. YHC didn’t read the Saturday Backblast….so I punished their legs again.

Warm up

  • Mosied to 62nd looking for good morning merkins, didn’t find any, mosied to the tennis courts
  • Circled up for SSH x 10, monkey humpers x 10, daisy pickers x 10

The Thang

Cave Dwellers! Start on the edge of the tennis courts

Bear Crawl to other side of first court, 10 merkins, crawl bear back, 10 merkins

Guerrilla walk to other side of second court, 10 merkins, reverse inch worm back, 10 merkins

Bear Crawl to other side of 3rd court, 10 merkins, crawl bear back, 10 merkins

Guerrilla walk to other side of fourth court, 10 merkins, reverse inch worm back, 10 merkins

Pick up the six!


  • LBC x 25
  • Good morning merkins x10 (found some!)
  • Plank and side planks x 10 each
  • Merkins x 10


I shared that preparation has been a common theme in my life in the last few months, so I shared some from the Q Source:

Prepare for what you expect and the be prepared for the unexpected 

The first disturbance the Disrupter makes in the life of the Mascot is to elicit Commitment . To Get Right, the Mascot has to Commit to actual Movement, not just its appearance. To obtain proper personal alignment, he must stop seeking to seem and determine to be. He must decide to turn Pro rather than continue life as an Amateur .

The superficially-Committed Mascot is an Amateur. To him, what truly matters is only that he make periodic resolutions and look like he is trying to fulfill them. Then, when the circumstances of his life inevitably undo whatever small progress he might have made, he can repeat the process without being completely embarrassed. For that man it is all about the appearance of the process not the substance of the progress.

The fully-Committed HIM is a Pro. He views his proper personal alignment as a skill that requires daily practice to first obtain and then continually sharpen. Determined to be rather than merely to seem, a HIM focuses on Preparedness absent any concern of how that appears to the world.

Take golf as an illustration of the contrast between the Amateur and the Pro. A professional golfer goes to the driving range every day to get prepared for what he expects from his next match and to be prepared for what he doesn’t. He practices driving and putting because he plans on doing a lot of both–but he also practices his sand shots and getting out of the rough because he knows that his plan to stay in the fairway will not always succeed. What he’s wearing while he does all that is of very little concern to him.

An amateur golfer spends more time trying to look like a golfer than he does practicing his swing. He might go to the range if he can fit it in, but he usually comes in hot on Saturday morning five minutes before his tee time hoping for good things to happen and reacting emotionally when inevitably they don’t. How could they? He is prepared for neither the fairway nor the rough. He is not actually a golfer–he only seems like one because he’s wearing the right shoes.

A Mascot brings the same Amateur approach to his proper personal alignment. Instead of organizing his time around the daily grind required to work out his imperfections, he just shows up and reacts emotionally to his circumstances. For him Preparedness is something he never seems to be able to fit around his “real” life when in fact the Get Right is his real life.

The HIM is the complete opposite. He is a man who has turned Pro. He knows that proper personal alignment requires the constant honing that can only be done through daily practice. Unlike the Mascot, the HIM’s focus is on Preparedness–not just for the next Event in his life, but for his life in general as well as what awaits him in the Super Unknown.

Until the Mascot turns Pro he will be ruled by the emotional surges that result from his lack of Preparedness for the expected and unexpected Events of his life. He will make the same resolutions every December and break them in the same way every January. Because he is an Amateur he will start each day with the Blue Pill and live a life of seeming rather than being.

Fortunately, no man is too far wrong to Get Right. No matter how long his boat has been capsized he can begin returning it to the normal upright position with one very small Movement–the decision to take the Red Pill instead of the Blue one. He need only determine to begin doing those things necessary today to become a HIM tomorrow

True freedom is the predetermined ‘what’ that allows full focus on the ‘how’

Good work Men