Grown men holding hands and playing footsie in the dark

AO: Lightening rod

QIC: Kiwi

PAX: Slash, Danish, Walkman, and Free lunch


33 degrees, crispy, dry, and frozen

Warm up

Mosey to the field

  • Halos x 10
  • Windmill x 10
  • SSH x 10
  • 3rd Grade Exercise x 15
  • SSH x 10

Line up on the endzone in partners. With 5 people the odd person out ran gasers to the 25 and 50 meter while partners performed the exercises below, once one person finished the running they would fall in to replace the next person in line. The partners did the following:

Merkin partner taps until everyone had run
-10 second count-
Partnered surfers (stand in a line with a partner each facing opposite ways. Squat down low and jump up while switching sides. Think as though on a surfboard switching your back foot to the front and the front to the back in one squat jump)
-10 second count-
Partnered toe taps. (stand facing a partner and hold hands. Sit down into a wall sit position counterbalancing each other. Tap your right foot to their left and switch to another foot repeat)
-10 second count-
15 x rows for ‘active recovery’
Merkin Partner taps
-10 second count-
Partnered surfers
-10 second count-
big bois (cuz Kiwi needed a break)
Partnered toe taps

20 x Rows

box jump up the stairs and mosey back


  • American hammers x 20
  • Frozen fredies x 10
  • Leg lifts x 20
  • box cutters x 10
  • Plank x 10
  • potty breaks x 10
  • peter parkers x 10
  • American hammers x 10


Someone hit the car of my partner, Rose, as it was parked and there is a good chance it is totaled. She is going through the long process of insurance and is frustrated that this sort of thing happened to her. She is extremely frustrated with the seemingly bad luck of getting her car smashed. We talked about the seemingly random events that happen to us in life. How do you process them? Do you see them as fate, chaos, karma, or something else entirely?

Some shared that it was pure chaos and that what matters is personal responsibility and making sure you take the best precautions you can. Some share that there is a why and reason, but we aren’t big enough to see it right now. Some also shared the event doesn’t matter, but it is how we handle the lessons we learn from the event that matters.

There seemed to be a general theme that uncertainty in the world is constant, focusing on personal responsibility, personal reflection, and understanding there are bigger forces than ourselves at play in the world helped everyone stay even-keeled in the events life throws at us.

All in all, couldn’t think of a better way to spend my Monday morning.


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