Gwen and Isla

AO: >Lightning Rod

QIC: > Walkman

PAX: > Stray Cat, Lumbergh, Free Lunch, Danish, Steamy Nix


51 and drizzly – balmy morning and everyone was in good spirits.

Warm Up (Circle of Pain)

Warm up

Everyone snagged a bench and completed fire feet x 12, toe taps x 12, and step ups x 12 before mosying around the corner and down to the field. Circled up at the goal line for Halos x 10, Imperial Walkers x 12, Windmill x 12, Monkey Humpers x 12, Daisy Pickers x 12. Steamy Nix found us just before we circled up!

The Thang

Beatdown inspired by my Daughters Gwen and Isla:

10 merkins, 11 big bois, 12 lunge walks (Easy Count), 13 Squats

3 burpees

14 merkins, 15 big bois, 16 lunge walks, 14 squats

3 burpees

repeato until time is up. Asked everyone to remember what # of reps they made it to. Danish and Free Lunch made it to 39! Mosied back to the rod.


LBX x 39, Plank/Side Planks x 39 (total), Frozen Freddie x 39 (yikes)


I loved this workout. I didn’t post on Monday, and my oldest stayed home for a bit with me and insisted we do a workout. She lead us through 10 merkins, 11 big bois, 12 lunges and 13 squats. Last week, my youngest wanted to work out randomly one evening, so we did a few burpees (a few of you saw the video). I was excited to share this workout, and while perusing the Q Source I came upon Positive Habit Transfer. I thought that was fitting – my daughters want to workout with me because it’s such a regular part of our lives.

The Q source breaks it into 3 categories.

Negative Habits – work to eliminate these

Neutral Habits – work to reduce these

Positive habits – work to reinforce and add more

You cannot give away what you do not possess. Living right is being a HIM. Part of being a High Impact Man is understanding IMPACT, an acronym.

Influence: igniting a powerful desire for Movement
Missionality: Serving in the High Impact Zone
Positive Habit Transfer: ingraining Advantageous tendencies in others
Accountability: submitting to Standard through Enforcement and Consequence
Correction: zealously advocating for shared virtue
Targeting: initiating Missionality in others

I asked the PAX to take a few minutes and think about the positive, negative, and neutral habits they are transferring in their lives, and some good sharing ensued.

Great work Men!