2/26/2022 – Polar Plunge

AO: Wilamette Park (Offsite AO for special event)

QIC: Danish

PAX: Kiwi, Lumbergh, Stray Cat, Houdini, Steamy Nix, Xbox, Slumberkins, Free Lunch (joined run with family), Walkman (joined Plunge)


34F and calm…but the water was a frigid 44F

Warm up

SSH x 20

FSH x 20

Slow High Knees x 10

Hill Billies x 10

Imperial Walkers x 10

3rd Grade Exercise x 12

Fast High Knees x 10

Quad and hip flexor stretches

The Thang

6 rounds of 5 minute EMOMs

  • Merkins
  • Big Bois
  • Mountain Climbers
  • X Factors
  • 1 minute recovery

5km run

Jump into the Wilamette river together


Today hit different. Having the pax together for an event that will benefit my daughter was something special. The Polar Plunge is an event put on every year where you run 5km/10km and then jump into the river afterwards. It raises money for the Special Olympics and has outposts all over the country, with like minded folks getting after it and helping others in need. We decided to do a shorter beatdown beforehand to keep in line with what we do at F3. I know several of the HIMs were anxious about running this far as they’d never done it before, but they did fantastic and found out that it wasn’t as hard as they thought. Mind over matter. Then the plunge came! We ran down the boat slip together and straight into the freezing water. It was so invigorating, and it rounded off a great morning. We even had Xbox from Puget Sound come down and support the cause. Much appreciated for that. Free Lunch had the honor of being able to do the run and plunge with his M and 2.0s which was great to see. I can’t wait to do the same with my family in the future.

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