(12.11.21) Round and Round, Up and Down the LavaField

AO: >Lightning Rod

QIC: > Walkman

PAX: > Danish, Slash, Steamy Nix


43 and drizzling, slightly wet ground but pleasant.

Warm Up (Circle of Pain)

Warm up

  • Mosied to 60th and Back, circled up for Arm Scissors x 12, Third Grade x 12, Daisy Pickers x 12.

The Thang

Deck of Death!

Diamonds – Real Peter Parkers

Hearts – Dips (HC)

Clubs – Slow Squats

Spades – Jump Squats


Frozen Freddies x 15


I asked the PAX about how they’ve handled ‘headwinds’ in the past. I’m in a season of serious Headwinds, which is wildly inconvenient given the amount on my plate. My instinct and gut reaction is to fight harder when things get harder, but that has a breaking point and I don’t want to find it. Great advice given about journaling, gratitude, and acknowledging that it will pass. Additionally, when you have tail winds, acknowledging those moments and ‘storing them’ will help lessen the impact of the future headwinds.

Thanks for the pick me up guys!