(2.4.22) Kill the Jester

AO: >Lightning Rod

QIC: > Walkman

PAX: > Free Lunch, Kiwi, Danish, Steak Juice, Steamy Nix, Herbie


38 and foggy but dry! Pax showed up on time and ready to rock!

Warm Up (Circle of Pain)

Warm up

  • Pax Held squat to begin and YHC asked them to take a minute to look inward and consider a distraction in their lives. Something that is holding them back, stealing their attention, focus, etc. When each person had theirs, they raised their hand, and once we all had one I asked them all to remember that distraction for later. When they got to a point of fatigue or exhaustion, to visualize that distraction and practice pushing past it through physical movement.

Mosied to 52nd and back to the corner for a warmup of Neck Rolls x 10, Halo’s x 12, Windmill x 12, Slow High Knees x 12, Third Grade Exercise x 12, Monkey Humpers x 12, Daisy Pickers x 12, Jane Fonda’s x 21 on both sides.

The Thang

Moved around the corner to the low wall and completed a circuit.

Round 1: ( Burpee, 5 squats, Box Jump, 5 squats) x 5

Round 2: Wall Sits with Cherry Pickers x 15, Morrocan night club x 15, OHP x 15

Round 3: Merkin x 20 (easy count)

Repeato. On the third set we modified to 5 burpees. On the fourth set we modified to 2 burpees, but didn’t have time to complete rounds 2 and 3 for a fourth time.

Encouraged the Pax to visualize that Distraction as our legs and shoulders turned to Jello.


  • Plank x 10, Side plank x 10ea
  • Six inch hold x 10
  • Frozen Freddies x 21


We discussed the Jester, and how he fits into the royal court. I shared my experience of recently killing my jester (Video Games) and the immediate impact its having, and encouraged the Pax to realize they could take a similar step. Good sharing by the group of their personal distractions and successes/struggles in pushing through them.

Great work Men!