01/12/2022 – Four on the Floor

AO: LightningRod

QIC: Slash

PAX: FreeLunch, Walkman, Herbie, BobEvans, SteamyNix, Kiwi, Danish


An almost balmy mid-50s. Light sprinkle at first but mostly dry. We all needed less layers than we thought!

Warm up

Plank walks x12 (alternate moving each foot forward and outside your hand while in plank)

Cliffhangers x12 (pulse shoulders over hands while in plank)

YTW x10

Bear birds x12 (in bear hold with knee 1-inch off the ground, extend right hand and left foot out and away from each other in a straight line; alternate hand/foot)

Squat jacks x10

Mosey to north side of school

The Thang

Four on the Floor

1st Set (4min total)

Wall sits (60seconds) with shoulder circles forward, reverse, halos 

Bear crawl to box jump to crawl bear (then repeat) (2min) 

Decline merkins (60seconds) 

Repeat 4-rounds (with modifications/progressions to each movement: big arm circles during wall sits, 1-leg wall sits, diamond decline merkins, wide grip decline merkins, squat before box jump, burpee before box jump)

Mosey to LR

2nd Set (4min total)

Reverse planks (60seconds) 

Saws (2min) 

Burpees (60seconds) 

Repeat 4-rounds (with progressions/mods each round: burpee with jump tuck), made it through the 4th round of reverse planks before time.


Process Over Outcomes

I’m reading the book Atomic Habits and highlighted a few meaningful points that stood out, that apply to our go30’s and acknowledge of progress overall. Don’t focus on goals if you want to get things done. Goals set the North Star of what we want to head to. But process is how we execute – building routines that become autonomous. Process means having a time/place/duration of behaving – and having a process over time become habits. Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement. If we get 1% better each day, that’s 37% better each year. I told the story of the British cycling team that focused on 1% improvements to their entire training routine and went from losers to a global powerhouse in less than 10 years.

But it takes time to see big outcomes. If we focus on process improvements, the outcomes will come. It takes time to hit big thresholds/goals (e.g. freezing an ice cube only happens at 32degrees, but you need to energy to take the temperature down from 72degrees. You only hit a remarkable threshold after 40degrees of work). The score/outcome will take care of itself. I pointed to the way Steamy Nix is paying attention to his 1% gains.

Herbie brought up the importance of consistency. Bob Evans talked about recognizing the 1% improvemnts but not beating yourself up if they don’t happen daily – don’t 1 rep extra when you can adds up to a lot over time. Walkman talked about the power of iteration (vs ideation) in manufacturing to optimize the process. Danish talked about recognizing gains in a workout even if you think think the workout didn’t go well – there’s always something to take away.

Rock on, Slash!

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