(1.7.22) Battle Buddies

AO: >Lightning Rod

QIC: > Walkman

PAX: > Herbie, Danish, Kiwi, Samurai, Bob Evans, Lumbergh, Slash, Steamy Nix


Thank the lord it was 50 degrees because it was WET. Poured on us the whole time but the liquid sunshine provided some great cooling for the beatdown.

Warm Up (Circle of Pain)

Warm up

  • Mosy to the track with our coupons, set the coupons on the goal line. Pax lined up for a six man run with one coupon. The coupon starts at the front, and is passed down the line until the last man has it, then the last man runs it to the front. Completed 2 laps then circled up for: Windmill, Third Grade Exercise, hammy stretch, Halo’s all x10.

The Thang

Partnered up and lined up on the goal line with one coupon per team. The team was responsible for moving the coupon to the other goal line.

Round 1: Lunge walk with coupon handoff every 5 yards. Every 20 yards stopped and the team completed 10 merkin squats (wheelbarrow position as a team, one member is doing merkins and the other is doing squats)

Round 2: Murder bunny (partner doing broad jumps) with coupon handoff every 5 yards. Every 20 yards, stopped and completed 10 merkin squats.

Round 3: Rifle carry (partner just walking) with coupon handoff every 5 yards. Every 20 yards, stopped and completed 10 Thrusters or squats. Raised the stakes – if a team missed a handoff, walked passed a line, or forgot to switch, they owed 5 penalty merkins. This increased communication on the teams and we only had 1 set of penalty merkins across all teams.

Round 4: Bear crawl with coupon drag, coupon switched every 5 yards. Every 20 yards, completed 10 big bois with coupon handoff. Penalty merkins in effect but the pax did great and nobody earned any.

We were tight for time, so started COT on the mosy, sorry everyone.


YHC shared the adventures at The Grizzly – detailing the physical and mental challenges of the event and talking through the teamwork, external focus, and grit required to push through. Bob Evans and his physical preparation helped carry a lot of people, and Samurai’s attitude and mental toughness shined throughout the night. Great event that taught us a lot and I encourage everyone to consider one, and to prep for it accordingly.

Great work Men!