12/24/2021 – O’ Swoly Night

AO: LightningRod

QIC: Slash

PAX: FreeLunch


Wet and cold!

Warm up


3rd grade x15

Squating arm circles x15 forward, x15 reverse

Hillbilly x20

Mosey to goal line

The Thang

O’ Swoly Night

Start at goal line

Get the present (coupon) to the kids around the world.

Start at goal line in a straight line behind. Santa carries the present down the field 100yds while his elves follow in flying formation.

When Santa needs a break, he yells “Kringle’s gonna tinkle” while all the elves do burpees to energize Santa until he’s ready to continue. When he’s ready he yells ho ho ho, let’s fucking go.

If Santa gets to the 100yd before the elves, he pulls up the 6 doing whatever movement they are.

When everyone gets to 100yd, with another man becoming Santa and taking the present.

1st delivery –

Santa: tempo overhead presses (start overhead then slowly lower down for 5 seconds taking 5 steps, then raise for 5secomds taking 5 steps forward)

Elves: monster walk

2nd delivery –

Santa: murder bunny

Elves: crab walk

3rd delivery –

Santa: present/coupon hop overs, facing long ways

Elves: inchworms


Free Lunch and I talked about tomorrow, celebrating family and remembering the amazing stuff our parents/grandparents have done.

Rock on and merry Christmas, Slash!

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