12/21/2021 – 25 Days of Christmas

AO: Gauntlet

QIC: Slash

PAX: Lumbergh, StrayCat


Frost and light ice on the ground. Crunch, crunch!

Warm up

Squat jacks x15

Halos x15

Bear Plank Merkins x15 (starting in a bear hold position, tip forehead to touch ground while keeping elbows from flaring out)

Overhead press tempo walks from 0-25 yd and back (start with coupon overhead and walk towards 25yrd line while slowly lowering coupon for 5 count, press back up quickly and repeat.

The Thang


Start at goal line

25 Coupon swings 

Murder bunny to 25 yard line 

25 burpees jump overs at 25 yard line

Loaded Lunge with coupon to 50yard 

25 single arm rows (each side) at 50yd

Loaded lunge to 75yard 

25 burpee jump overs at 75yd

Murder bunny to 100yd 

25 coupon swings at 100yd

Return to the starting line, working your way back through the movements


Coupon leg lifts x25

American Hammers x25 HC

X-Factors x25 HC

Frozen Freddies x25 HC


“Foreboding joy”

Things are going well around our house – we’re having a great holiday season – keeping stress at bay, both getting good workouts in, spending quality time with kids (and each other). An interesting and unfortunate feeling can come over me when things are going well – a sense of foreboding joy. Where I experience a fear about the currently happy times coming crashing down in the future. The result is not being able to fully experience and embrace the joy.

The antidote to manage the forebodingness is gratitude. I’m trying to be as thankful as possible for the current moment. Whatever the future may hold, I’m immensely grateful for these happy holiday moments.

Lumbergh shared that he’s looking forward to winding down to focus on quality moments with his family, especially since this week has been busier than expected so far. StrayCat shared about meeting children where they are, instead of who/where we want them to be, which makes the holidays smoother for everyone.

Rock on, Slash!

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