12/16/2021 – Zig Zag

AO: Gauntlet

QIC: Slash

PAX: Walkman, Free Lunch


Cold, dark and clear – ready to hammer!

Warm up

Mosey to playground

Pull-ups IC x10

Frozen underdogs IC x20 (grab swing while standing, lean body forward to 45degrees or lower while keeping arms out reached overhead and abs tight in hollow body position. Hold for 3seconds then move back to standing)

Mosey to field

The Thang

Zig zag

Start at sideline on 10 yard line

10 Burpees

Bear crawl to opposite 20 yard line (bring up the six so all do the movements together)

20 HC Bonnie Blairs

Frog merkins to opposite 30 yard line

30 jump squats with touchdowns (hands touch ground, then raise up when jumping in touchdown sign)

Crawl bear to opposite 40 yard line

40 Judo merkins

Jump broad to opposite 50 yard line

50 EC Ankle grinders (in down dog, touch left hand to right ankle. Repeat with right hand to left ankle)

Work back down to the 10 yard line…

(Subbed regular merkins for judo merkins on the way back to speed things up. We made it back for half of the Bonnie Blair’s before time.)


Expressing Holiday stress

We used the time to talk about how we’re feeling right now, extending on Lumbergh’s CoT yesterday.

Lots of topics. Hard times with kids, death/illness and consumerism. We acknowledged that we’re still adapting to a covid world and all of us are going through challenging times in one way are another. We aim to let emotions flow through us and find a balance with our relationship with them – not suppressing, running away from them or fighting with them.

We also talked about happiness not being a destination. We think we’ll be happy when some criteria is met – kids stop fighting, covid eases up, when injuries heal…but if we look hard enough happiness is a state of mind. It’s here now like a blue sky behind dark clouds.

Rock on, Slash!

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