Battle Buddy

AO: >The Gauntlet

QIC: > Walkman

PAX: > Walkman


34 and damp! Quarter inch of ice greeted me on the car windows. But clear skies lead to a great workout. Solo was a great mental exercise!

Warm Up (Circle of Pain)

Running solo, YHC jogged a lap, completed scissor arms x 10, neck rolls x 10, windmill x10, Third Grade Exercise x 10, hammy stretch x 10.


Ran 2.5 miles doing one lap, 10 merkins, 10 GT Squats, and side leg lifts x 20 with 20 second hold on each side, reapeato.

Plank x 60, side plank x 30 ea till time.


Don’t worry, I saved the real battle buddy beatdown for my next Q, and I’ll share my CoT about year end at that time too 🙂