Dora Duo

A0: Lightning Rod

QIC: Kiwi

PAX: Ghost


45 , wet, but at least the lights were on

Warm up

10x Side Straddle Hop’s
10x Windmill
15 x Halo
15x Third graders
15x scissor arms

The Thang

Mosey to the field. Meet at the goal line.

Doras: out to the 50yard line while other person counts to 100 merkins

11s with Bonnie Blairs and burpees

Doras: 100 squats with runs out to the 50yrd

Lap around the Field

11s with rows and planks. (each 1 in plank is 10 seconds)


For the COT we talked about how my life is moment to moment packed right now. I find myself getting frustrated with any delays or hiccups because I feel like it will derail my whole day. I talked to ghost about what it was like having kids and how he does it. He said he enjoys being able to use kids as a reason to slow down and tell people he has to spend more time at home. Was great to hang out and talk, but the rains pushed us on our way before too long.


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