When you’re in charge, take charge

A0: The Gauntlet

QIC: Walkman

PAX:  Free Lunch


51 and clear. Nice quiet morning in the gloom.

Warm up

Windmill x 10, Third Grade Exercise x 10, Scissor Arms x 10, Slow High Knees x 10, Hammy stretch x10

The Thang

TABATA – 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest.

Rounds 1-3: Thrusters, HR Merkins, Flutter Kicks, Frozen Freddies, Side leg lifts (alternating sides each round)

Rounds 4-6: Squat holds (squat and hold for 3 count), Hot Paw Merkins, Prestige Worldwides, American Hammers, Side Leg Lifts

Rounds 7 &8: Squat pulse (squat and pulse for 3 count), OHP, Flutter Jack, Plank with knee to elbow, Side leg lifts


During the workout YHC shared the story of “The Grizzly” – it takes about 30 minutes to really tell it and it carried into the CoT. The primary message was focused around one of the leadership lessons from Q school, which was

“when you’re in charge, take charge.”

This became very apparent as our Platoon Leaders and Associate Platoon Leaders tried to herd ~30 men who were exhausted, beat down, stressed, and operating with limited visibility throughout the night of The Grizzly.

Additionally, there’s an interesting corrolary that comes out of this lesson. That is

“when you’re not in charge, be a good follower”

Being a good leader, even when you’re not in the leadership position, means you follow well. This can be challenging, particularly when most of the team is used to being leaders. In that environment, it’s even more critical to follow well. There were several instances in the Grizzly where individuals taking initiative undercut the systems the PL & APL were working on to keep us moving. We sorted them out, but it was a great lesson to learn in real life.

This applies to our life as partners, fathers, friends, employees, bosses, etc.

When you’re in charge, take charge. When you’re not, be a good follower.

Great work today men!


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