11/25/2021 – Mile to Marathon

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Danish

PAX: Free Lunch, Ghost, Lumbergh, Samurai, Slash


40F with a layer of murk in the air

Warm up

Mosey to track

SSH x 25

Slow high knees x 10

Heel to nuts x 10

Halos x 10

Lateral lunges x 10

Butt kicks x 10

The Thang

100 squat thrusts

100 yd bear crawl

100 yd run

100 coupon curls

100 yd lunge walk

100 yd run

100 deadlifts

100 yd bunny murders

100 yd run

100 hand release merkins

100 yd run

100 yd murder bunnies

100 lift overs (feet over vertical coupon)

100 yd coupon carry

100 yd run

100 ground touch squats

262 Mountain climbers

Balloon game: All get in a plank circle, one person hits a balloon in the air while shouting someone’s name. That person has to get up from a plank position and hit the balloon and repeat.

Squid game: Red light green light while doing bear crawls/deadbug shuffle/tall murder bunnies/lunge walks to the caller.


Everyone tell the pax what they are thankful to have happened in the last year.

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