11/19/2021 – Around the Clock

AO: LightningRod

QIC: Slash

PAX: Herbie, Free Lunch, Samurai, SteamyNix


Wet! Mid 50s with a steady rain, which either eased up as we got into the workout, or we didn’t notice. Either way, not too bad!

Warm up

SSH x20

Halos x10

Monkey Humpers x15

3rd grade exercise x15

Windmills x15

Mosey to track

The Thang

Around the Clock

Soldier carry with high knee marches March to 3 o’clock (goal post), 12 o’clock (50 yard line), 9 o’clock (opposing goal post) and 6 o’clock (50 yard line) positions around the track.

Start marching at 6 o’clock toward first position:

30 man makers (burpee with coupon)

Continue marching

120 coupon swings 

Continue marching

90 gorilla rows (hold squat while rowing coupon up to sternum)

Continue marching

60 crooked coupon merkins (1-hand on coupon, other on ground, do 30 on each hand then switch)

Everyone got through the rows (and some had started on the crooked merkins) before time was up and we needed to mosey back to the Rod.


“Let’s hear from Samurai!”

We were all eager to hear from Samurai about the GrowRuck Grizzly last weekend! So I asked him to share a bit. Long story short, it was LONG and HARD (rucking railroad posts, water jugs and timber 50 miles + beatdowns throughout the night) but fulfilling and educational.

A big development he found was an empathetic connection to the men at the event and to those back home. Everyone needed help and wanted to quit at some point during the 5pm-9am event, and the way through it was to help each other and not “go grey” (or fade out) on your fellow men. Samurai shared that if he can help a brother at 3am when he’s exhausted, he can help anyone anytime here back at home.

It reminded me that giving to others is a gift to yourself. In fueling others, you fuel yourself.

Congrats to Samurai, Walkman and BobEvans for completing the challenge and taking away some meaningful lessons!

Rock on, Slash!

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