11/09/2021 – Reverso

AO: Gauntlet

QIC: Slash

PAX: Kiwi, Lumbergh, Free Lunch, Danish


Low 50s and wet from the rain overnight but clear skies when we showed up.

Warm up

Mosey to box jump stairs

Bear paws (bear hold w/ lifting alternating hand/foot) x12

Bird dogs x12

Fire hydrant turnovers x12 (on all 4’s lift left knee straight back and swing outward and around to starting point keeping it off the ground and bent at a 90 angle). Repeat reps w/ other leg.

Squat jacks x12

The Thang


Ascending – Box jump reps up the stairs 

5 reps first step

10 reps next step 

15 “

20 “

25 ”

Bring up the six at the top

Desending back down the stairs

10 L-presses (shoulder press with feet on upper step, hands on lower step and lower head b/t hands, hips should be at 90 forming an L)

8 L-presses next step

6 “

4 “

2 “

Ascending back up the stairs

Crawl bear (aka reverse bear crawl) up the stairs

Descending down the stairs

Decline Peter Parkers (decline merkin, bringing alternating knee to elbow at the bottom of each movement)

10 reps, down to 2 reps

Mosey to field for next exercises

Reserve it

25yd crab walk

25yd walk crab 

25yd bear crawl

25yd crawl bear 

Hold hollow body until 6 is in 

Plank x40 IC  

Heel drivers x30 IC (on back, keeping legs as extended as possible, lift butt as high off the ground as possible (should be a few inches), while driving heels toward butt. should feel hamstrings and glutes firing)

25yd broad jumps

25yd jump broads 

25yd inch worms 

25yd worm inches 

Hollowbody hold until 6 is in 

Low merkin hold 100seconds IC 

Back Racks 100seconds IC 


Side plank reach arounds x12 R+L

Back arches x25 IC (on back, lift and hold body off the ground using elbows under your shoulders, squeeze shoulder blades together while holding)

Big Boi x20 IC


“Happiness + Egotism”

I’m reading a self-help-ish book on mid-life challenges. An interesting idea is that to find happiness, you can’t focus on finding happiness for yourself. The thought is that putting too much attention on yourself fuels egotism and creates distance from those things that bring most happiness like relationships and connection to something larger than yourself. 

The recommendation is to focus outwardly without striving toward personal happiness and yet with time it will come. Find a passion that serves others or activity that isn’t an end but a means to itself.  

Lately I’ve been inwardly focused. The kids are demanding right now and I’m hearing inner voices about how hard I have it and how I want more happiness. I want to focus on outward efforts that help others (including my family members) that is less focused on my happiness than theirs.

Free Lunch said the convo reminded him of his reaction when his daughter wakes him up and he’s more concerned with his own sleep than helping her. (I know this feeling!)

Danish offered a counterpoint of striving to focus on our own happiness but seeing it as a way to help others. We should ask ourselves what are the things (like training) that bring joy to ourselves and enable us to bring joy to others?

Rock on, Slash!

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