A0: The Gauntlet

QIC: Walkman

PAX: Herbie, Free Lunch, FNG (Platypus), Kiwi


45ish and drizzly. Thoroughly expected to get drenched but we were mostly dry other than ground work today!

Warm up

Monkey Humpers x 10, Third Grade Exercise x 10, Side Lunges x 16, Arm Scissors x 10, Imperial Squawkers x 10, Imperial Door Kicks x 10, Mosied a lap as a six man run.

The Thang

Six man run (one lap, one lead per peson)

Merkins x 25

Six Man Run with 3 merkins

Squat Jumps x 25

Six Man Run with 3 Squat Jumps

Burpees x 20

Six Man Run with 3 burpees

Bonnie Blairs x 15 (HC)

Six Man Run with 3 Bonnie Blairs (HC)

Lined up on the goal line for Pinwheels. A pinwheel is a 20 yard sprint with a movement done in a complete circle, repeato to the endzone. Completed Plank walks, Big Boy Pivots (big boy, swivel one direction without your hands or feet, repeato until you’ve made the whole circle). Dead Bugs – circles in both directions each 20 yards, and Peter Parkers.


Penguins x 15, Frozen Freddies x 15, Side plank reach x 10 w/ side star x 5 – each side. Big Bois x 2.


YHC shared that most of the successes and challenges I see people having in their lives come back to accountability. The people are embrace it, are good at it, and keep trying to be accountable continue to find success in those areas of their lives. People who avoid it, are bad at it, or don’t try it struggle more. It’s impossible to be fully accountable, especially given all the different aspects of our lives – relationships, kids, work, etc. But growing in accountability in each one of these aspects will yield benefits. In order to sharpen our aim, I shared the four things that an accountable person does:

  1. An accountable person does what they say they are going to do.
  2. When they can’t do 1, for any reason, they proactively communicate it to the stakeholders.
  3. They then own diagnosis of their own failure/shortcoming – they have to identify ‘why’ they missed. This includes asking for help if they can’t identify it themselves.
  4. they own taking corrective action – skilling up, better planning, etc. This includes asking for help if they don’t know how to correct it.

Great work today men!


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