10/16/2021 – Fitness Class

AO: Lava Field

QIC: Danish

PAX: Lumbergh, Slash


47F, moist, misty and a pretty epic sunrise

The Thang

Music comes on and we go straight into warming up to the beat. Transition from warm up into the workout. Holding our blocks, we go through various routines all to the beat of the music and focusing on the following areas:






Exercises include curls, presses, thrusts, squats, dips, dead lifts, dead rows, rows, frozen freddies, scissor kicks, LBCs, big boys, planks and pulses.


Make F3 what works for you. We know the foundations, we know the tenets, we know what to do but it means something different to everyone. We aren’t a church, we aren’t a fitness group, we aren’t a social club, we’re F3.

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