AO: The Gauntlet

QIC: Walkman

PAX: Herbie, Danish, Free Lunch, Kiwi, Bob Evans


48 and wet ground but no falling water. YHC was extremely pleased to see 5 pax in the gloom this morning! So pleasantly surprised it altered my workout and CoT.

Warm up

Mosy lap

Circle up and Mary Poopins x 10, Imperial Walkers x 10, Third Graders x 10, arm scissors x 10.

Mosy Lap

Pull up at the Shipping containers and grab a piece of wall – wall sits with Seal claps x 10, OHP x 12, Cherry Pickers x 12, Forward Arm Circles x 12, Reverse Arm Circles x 12. Mosy to the end zone.

The Thang

Line up on the end zone.

5 burpees, run to 10 yard line, 10 squats, run back.

5 burpees, run to 20 yard line, 20 squats.

Repeato to the 50.

Free lunch reminded us all that, to him, the fourth F is Fsquats.

Mosy to the bike rack stairs.

11’s – burpees at the bottom of stairs, merkins at the top. Start with 10 burpees, run up the stairs, 1 merkin, run down. 9 burpees, 2 merkins, repeato until 1 burpees and 10 merkins. YHC struggled mightily with the merkins! Danish found the dog poop (with his hand) right away, demonstrating great leadership by showing his team where the obstacles were and tackling them first. Great work Danish! Also – how ridiculous for someone to take their dog to the completely fake grass a few minute walk from real grass.

Bob Evans shared that the 3rd F is Faith, and for him it’s why he lives every day the way he does.

Mosied to the tennis courts and completed two sets of fish bones.

Kiwi shared that the second F is fellowship, and that anything in the world worth doing is worth doing with people. Real relationships are required for that to be the case.

Mosied to the starting point.

Penguins x 10, Frozen Freddies x 10, Side plank reaches L & R x 10, big bois x 10.

Danish shared that the first F is fitness, and that for him, fitness sets the stage for the rest of his day. It’s necessary for all the other things to go well.


I had a different CoT planned for today, but when I showed up and saw 5 men were joining me I had to change course. I realized a frustrating internal perspective that I needed to put on the table and share with the group. I’d expected maybe 1 other guy, and as such was somewhat demotivated. Mind you, that’s only happened a few times, and each time it does, it’s great – the intimacy has value too. But the energy of more men is different. I felt I owed the group an apology for doubting them – for the negative expectation I had. How dare I lean into the negative expectation and doubt the value our time together has in the lives of each of you?

I was encouraged not to apologize and that none was necessary, and there’s some truth to that – we all do this for the value it brings to our lives. But there’s more than that. Herbie shared that he feels the same – it’s more motivating to see a larger group, and its also less motivating if you’re battling the fart sack and think it might just be you or only 1 or 2 guys. The importance of this probably varies person to person, but I enjoyed the conversation and appreciated everyones insight into that feeling and how we can think through it.

Thanks for the great start to the day!


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