(09.28.21) – ACCOUNT for all the Rounds

AO: Gaunlet

QIC: Lumbergh

PAX: Herbie, Free Lunch


A bit damp, a bit gloomy, a perfect day for a beatdown

Warm up

  • SSH x 20
  • 3rd Grade Exercise x 15
  • Slow High Knees x 15
  • Monkey Humpers x 10
  • Scissor Arms x 15
  • Windmill x 15
  • SSH x 20

Mosey to track (lined up with the end zone)

The Thang

Round 1

  • Run 400 meters
  • Bear Crawl 25 yards (side bear, side bear opposite way, crawl bear)
  • 25 Peter Parkers (first 2 rounds stay down, second two rounds do the merkin and knee to elbow in the up position)
  • Rinse and repeat for a 100 yards

Round 2

  • Split Leg Lunge Walk 25 yards (side lunge, side lunge opposite way, reversal lunge)
  • 25 Bonnie Blairs (50 easy count)
  • Rinse and repeat for a 100 yards

Round 3

  • Broad Jumps 25 yards
  • 25 X-factors (50 easy count)
  • Rinse and repeat for a 100 yards


Measures of Accountability


True Accountability starts with a Standard, which is an objective measure of performance or behavior. To be Effective, it must be inarguable. If it contains any subjective wiggle-room then it is not a Standard.

A good example of an objective and inarguable Standard is the LBZ, a man’s daily weight and FUPA as provided by his properly calibrated bathroom scale and two-dollar tape measure. My pants might lie to me and the mirror will tell me what I want it to say, but there is no bargaining with the LBZ–it is either higher today than it was yesterday, or it isn’t.


Enforcement is an external force that applies a Standard. A Standard without Enforcement is like a nail without a hammer. It avails nothing. Enforcement requires the intercession of another person to measure one’s actual performance or behavior against the Standard he previously agreed to set for it. No man can hold himself Accountable. If that were possible people would not need Accountability to maintain desirable performance and behavior. We would all just simply straighten ourselves out and fly right. While self-correction might work for a moral failure it can’t work for a Blind Spot. A Blind Spot is a nail that needs a hammer.

Without Enforcement, a man’s Blind Spots will lead him to continually lower his own Standards to meet his own declining performance until both meet at the bedrock of his life. Knowing that, the HIM relies on Enforcement to arrest this free-fall as early as possible so that he may get back on track as quickly as possible. This requires another man to cover your Blind Spots for you by watching you step on the scale or inspecting your computer to see what you’ve been looking at.

Lately, I’ve been approached by several PAX for several reasons, advice, complaints, distaste, support, etc. My point with the message today, is to remind all of us our mission to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. We must first trust each other to support each other, we have to honor positive intent but also need to be very clear what our personal goals are and how they might differ than the mission of F3. Accountability is given thru permission, defined by standards, and only then can they be enforced.

That’s a wrap.


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