9/27/2021 – 300 Life Reps

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Slash

PAX: Kiwi, Slumberkins, Samauri


Soggy and upper 50s but we caught a window of no rain. Came down right before and started right after.

Warm up

Coupon Mt Climbers x20

River dancers x12

SSH x20

Alligators x12

Fast high knees x15

Mosey to field

The Thang

Training for the final IronPax week! Did a modified version:

50 reps of each movement, with 3 burpees every 2-minutes (using EMOM timer):

Coupon Swings

Squrls (squat curls)

Overhead Press




In total, it was 300 reps (excluding burpees). On Saturday it’ll be 900 reps. Half of us got through everything in ~30minutes.


“The chains of habit”

I’ve enjoyed training for IronPax this last month. It’s been challenging to set a new goal each week and try to “practice” ahead of the main event. One trend I’ve found is that if I get a practice round in a few days before the timed event, I’m faster and less sore. It’s amazing that the body can adapt and respond to a new routine/movements in a matter of a few days. It reminds me of a quote: “the chains of habit are too light to be felt until they’re too heavy to be broken.”

The small changes (or practices) we make to our lives can establish patterns that get locked in (i.e. habits). It’s a lesson to be conscious of the small things because those can turn into productive on unproductive life routines.

Samurai brought up an example where he failed at something “500 times” before getting it right and thought about those attempts as “life reps” to practice improving himself. Love it.

Rock on, Slash!

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