Make Time to Play

AO: The Gauntlet

QIC: Walkman

PAX: Herbie, HoeDown (Downrange from NC)


46 and chilly! Fall is in the air.

Warm up

  • Started in the end zone with forward and backward arm circles x 10, mosied at about 70% to the other end zone, slow high knees x 10, mosied at 70% again, windmill x 10, third grade exercise x 10, mosied again, best stretch in the world for a 10 count on each side. Mosied to the basketball court with a basketball and some sidewalk chalk.

The Thang

Played a game of around the world! The Pax needed to make shots from the Layup, Free throw, Left Wing, Right Wing, and 3 pointer positions. We were aiming for 10 from each location, but ran out of time. We rotated shooters, and each shooter got to decide a movement and which position to shoot from. If they made it, we did (5) of that movement. If they missed, we added 1 rep and 1 ‘line’ for each miss on top of the (5). A ‘line’ was the equivalent of 1 of the lines on the court, like running a gasser. The more lines, the further you had to run. We took turns, and all shot terribly – poor lighting, hard rims, cold hands, herbies gloves, they were all to blame. 8 misses was the most we ever ‘earned’ I believe. We included Merkins, Burpees, Squats, HC Lunges, etc. Finished with only 3-5 shots made from each spot, mosied back to the endzone.

For Future, we’ll have the pax who aren’t shooting do merkins with each shot as the ‘cadence’ or something similar. Fun way to get a beatdown, but could have pushed us harder.


American Hammers x 15

Sprint to opposite endzone

Pickle Pounders x 15

Sprint to opposite endzone

DryDocks (led by HoeDown) x 15


Simple CoT – reminder to make time to play. YHC is headed into a two week vacation that’s badly needed, and as much as it’s important to be disciplined, focused, etc. It’s equally important to remember that we do it all for a reason, and sometimes that reason is just because it’s fun.

Great work Men


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