8/30/21 IronPAX prep

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Danish

PAX: Free Lunch, Ghost, Kiwi, Stray Cat, Walkman


52F, which may seem cold but was perfect for this sweaty Q

Warm up

Mosey warm up

Run about 600m including a bunch of different drills and stretches to get ready for the w/o. Finish at the side of school.

The Thang

12 burpee box jumps

4 merkins

8 burpee box jumps

8 merkins

4 burpee box jumps

12 merkins

Mosey to track

Partner up

-Sprint 50yd, 10 inverted rows and then run back while partner HR merkins

-6 man sled push relay. HIMs ground touch squat jump while one HIM pushes a football sled from one side of the field to the other.

Mosey to LR

Lie down on stomach, arms out 6 inch above ground, hold for 10 secs

10 Merkins

Repeat 5 times


You will spend 90,000 hours of your life time at work. That is 1/3 of our life.   

But our brain likes to categorize things, including people, and when people become objects, we feel more disconnected.  In this short practice, you can cultivate a way to feel more connected in life.

Bring someone to mind – a colleague.  

Maybe someone who is different than you. 

Maybe someone that you might have had some minor conflict with.

Breathing in and sliding underneath your judgements.                                                                                                 

This person during the past year has felt untethered,  just like me.

This person has feelings and emotions and thoughts, just like me.

This person at some point  in their life has been sad, disappointed, angry, hurt,  or confused, just like me.

This person has faced struggles at work, just like me.

This person is making mistakes and learning, just like me.

This person has at times been  confused by life, just like me.

This person has experienced physical and emotional pain and suffering, just like me.

This person has experienced moments of peace, joy, and happiness, just like me.

This person has regrets, just like me.

This person wants to do the best they can, just like me.

Now send them good wishes,

May they be well,  May they be happy, May they be healthy,  May they live with ease, just like me.

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