4 Corners

AO: The Lighting Rod

QIC: Kiwi

PAX: Free Lunch, Samurai


62, the sun is coming up later and later. Starting to feel like fall.

Warm up

Windmill x 15

Ass kickers x 12

Sumo-imperial walkers x15

Monkeyhumpers x15

Forward arm circles x 15

Reverse arm circles x 15

Mosey down to the track and around twice. Had each person tell my about their day yesterday with out using a merkin word. I.E every time they use a noun, stop the run and do the same number of merkins as the noun. The next person tells about their day without using verbs, etc.

The Thang

Start on one corner of the football field. Sprint the short distances, jog the long distances as you go around the outside of the field. At each corner perform the exercises. SSH on your back, Bonny Blairs, Peter Parkers, and TickTocks. Repeat, adding en every lap. Finish up with 10 -3 second holding rows and mosey back.


Box cutters x 20

Leg lifts x 15

Outlaws x 10 ea way


A big shout out to all of our fellow men running the HTC. It takes work and dedication to do something like like that and it is an inspiration to us all.

Also a big shout out to everyone finishing up their Go30 for the month.

I shared how I really want to see go30 be a big place in the process of F3. Each month as the new month starts we will be announcing a theme that people can choose to participate in or not as they wish. This months theme was suggested by Straycat as “declutter”.

Samurai shared about when he was cleaning out his grandfather’s stuff and realized how much stuff we accumulate. He found when he clears out physical things, it leads to mental, and eventually spiritual space.

Excited to to see everyone again once summer slows down.


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