(08.25.21) – Pinwheels!

AO: The Gaunlet

QIC: Walkman

PAX: Free Lunch, Samurai, (11) pax from F3Nola including Tinkles, swampcock, Reluctant Yankee. Roots, HogSickle, 86, Bones, Rudy, NipTuck, Peppa.


58 and overcast made for a nice morning. The NOLA Hood to Coast crew was early and ready for a pdx beatdown! Learned that Samurai was kind enough to loan his car to the team for their race because rental cars are so hard to get right now.

Warm up

Split into two groups and did a full lap of Simon says 6 man. Last man did 3 merkins before running to the front while the front man called a movement the pax could do while mosying. Circled up in the end zone and did Windmill x 10, Mary Poopins (monkey humpers with arms up like holding an umbrella) x 10, Slow High Knees x 10, Third Grade Exercise x 10.

The Thang

Lined up on the goal line – just enough space for all 14 of us! We completed a series of Pinwheels: Run 20 yards, perform a movement on the ground from the plank position, ‘step’ to the right or left with your arms, do another movement, and continue until you’ve done a full circle on the ground, run another 20 yards, repeato until on the other endzone and then mosied back. Repeato with a new movement. Movements included:


Mountain Climbers (HC)

Alternating Side Stars – side plank while lifting the leg

Core rockers – moving between high and low plank

Burpees (courtesy of Samurai’s creativity!)

We completed the Pinwheels way quicker than YHC expected, so we mosied to the stairs and bike racks in a bungled effort to make up some time. Split into two groups, first group stayed at the top and did chutes between the bike racks – sprint forward, slide left or right (2) racks, sprint forward, etc. The first group was then to run down and join the second group, who was doing firefeet in a line while the person at the end of the line ran forward and did a burpee box jump and then ran to the top to join the first group. Completely predictably, instructions broke down and we rallied back to the football field for easy instructions: Bear Crawl Broad jumps the length of the field, alternating every 20 yards. Mosied back to the starting position for some core work.


Frozen Freddies x 25

Potty Breaks x 25

Side to Side heel touches (Penguins, apparently) x 25

Outlaws x 10 ea way


I shared a quote a close friend shared with me recently that eloquently captured something I’ve been experiencing for a few years.

“Your value is your birthright.” It was worth repeating and saying in a few different ways.

“Your value is completely disconnected from your performance”

You matter. Regardless of how good you are at something.

What you want, what you feel, what you need, where you’re going. They don’t need justification or defense. They are real, and valid, as they are.

Yes, you can grow to understand them, but you are not deficient for not having fully done so.

It’s ok to be.

Your value is your birthright.

I shared that this is something I’ve been learning as I’ve decoupled my identity from my profession. I see it in a lot of men, particularly my age, who are struggling to resolve this inner conflict. Many men shared that they resonate with this, and that it can happen multiple times in your life, and that it may indeed be necessary to being able to lead and love as our full selves.

Great work today Men!


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