8/25/2021 – Barre Relay

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Slash

PAX: Danish, Free Lunch, Ghost, Kiwi, Lumbergh


57F and clear. Arrived to a giant mulch pile in the middle of the Rod. Tempted to call an audible and make it a shoveling beatdown.

Warm up

SSH x 20

Pickle Bombers X 10

YTW x 15

Donkey Kicks x 10

Shoulder circles forward x10

Shoulder circles reverse x10

Fast High Knees x20

The Thang

Barre Relay

Partner up. First partner runs 400m while 2nd partner does exercises until 1st partner returns. Switch. Exercises:

  • O-Rows (lift up to right side, move body to left side and back down. lift up to left side, move body to right side and down. make an “O” back and forth.
  • Leg lifts to bar
  • Decline Peter Parkers
  • Flutter kicks to bar
  • Decline shoulder press (feet on ledge, bend 90degrees at hips w/ hands directly below shoulders)
  • Pull-ups w/ 1-leg spot (try to keep foot as light as possible on ground)
  • Decline merkins
  • Starfish splits (face down with knees and hips hanging off of ledge, raise and spread legs out to side and up behind you, should feel it in outer glutes)
  • Rolly Pollies (hanging from bar, lean back and bring knees up to bar)
  • Tricep Bows (stand at 45deg angle against bar, move toward bar and dip head under, push body back to 45)

Most made it through (or to) the starfish before we moseyed back.


Trying the Opposite Path

I have this week off from work. On Monday, a friend who was also off joined me for a day hanging out at Mt Tabor. We didn’t have an agenda or plans beyond hanging. It was an odd experience at the summit, which is normally a place we’re speeding through on a run or our bikes. Slowing down and hanging out allowed to see things in a new light (and things we’d never noticed before). A refreshing and refueling experience.

It reminded me the importance of “trying the opposite” in life. If I normally go fast, then try going slow every once in a while. If I normally have a workflow to my day at work, try to mix it up. It’s like trying on a new pair of jeans. The old jeans are comfortable and familiar, while new ones feel awkward at first, but expanding the wardrobe brings a fresh look and new perspective.

Lumbergh shared his experience slowing down on a run on vacay. It was so enjoyable, he ended up running a lot faster than he thought. Kiwi shared an improv technique called the “left way” – if your character is skewing a certain direction, come in as the complete opposite next scene. Free Lunch talked about trying to observe our routines from a fresh perspective, even if we aren’t taking time to formally meditate.

My birthday is tomorrow, and Lumbergh dutifully reminded me to take my bday burpees. Here’s to 41!

Rock on, Slash!

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