8/18/2021 – Ten-Hut

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Slash

PAX: Lumbergh, Sandbag, Danish, Kiwi, StrayCat, Murse, Walkman, Ghost


55 with a nice (and unusual, given our heat wave) dew on the ground. There was a camera crew onsite. Danish was sure they were there to interview him. Not this morning.

Warm up

SSH x 10

Windmills x10

Forward arm circles x 10

Backward arm circles x 10

Alligators x10

Pickle Bombers x10

The Thang

Mosey to northern side of school, with long pony wall.

Decline Peter parkers IC x10 (hard count)

Box jumps x 10

Burpees x 10

Burpee box jumps x10

Mosey to end zone farthest from school.

Run a loop clockwise with 4 stations: far end zone, row bars, up hill (bear crawls), top stop next to school. 

10 reps per exercise, increasing by 10 each round. As many rounds as possible. 

End zone: Hand release merkins

Row bars: Rows with 3 second hold at top

Hill: bear crawl 

Top spot: Palm jump squats (full palm touches down)

Great effort from the PAX. Most got through 3 rounds.


Ankle Grinders IC x 20 (in down dog, reach left hand to grab right ankle, then back to down dog. repeat with opposite hand)

Breakdancers IC x 20 (in crab position, lift and extend left foot to the left side, reach right hand to left foot, back to crab. repeat with opposite hand/foot)


I asked the group for guidance on managing work stress. I’m feeling strong expectations I’m putting on myself right now due to a few big projects where I feel like I’m proving myself to a new team, in a new role.

Many had advice, like Danish recommending to not sacrifice established habits (like my meditation, journaling, fitness) even if the pull to get busy doing work was strong because I’d be off my flow doing that work. Lumbergh reviewed agile work practices which aim for progress over perfection and bringing people into the process earlier.

Walkman advised to talk to others on the team who are going through similar things, and in giving them support I’d support myself. Murse shared that he uses the fuel of what’s going right in other parts of his life to support the areas where he needs help. Sandbag shared about relieving yourselves of the burden of having to have all the answers and letting others help.

Bringing others into my situation was a big theme and something I’m less inclined to do naturally (vs grunt through it myself, rely on grit and introspection). I’ll aim to give and get support from others during stressful times!

Rock on, Slash!

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