8/11/2020 – Tennis ball soccer

AO: Lightning Rod


Bob Evans – VQ


Danish, Kiwi, Lumbergh, Walkman, Free Lunch, Samurai, Bob Evans


70 and clear, little humid, excellent

Warm Up: 

Imperial Walkers 10X

Mosey to the field by tennis courts

The Thang:

2X around the field

Storm Kickers in-cadence knee raises and extension (kick) each leg

Mosey 50 yards

Happy Jacks – imperial walkers for 5 count, then 2 squats, repeat 5X

Mosey 50 yards

Peter Parkers – plank with knees to elbows

Mosey 50 yards

Jack Webbs – 1 merkin to 4 air presses, 10X

Mosey 50 yards

Pure Burn – hold fence, on tippy-toes, squat 3/4 to 1/2 – 10x, 1/2 to bottom – 10x

Mosey 50 yards

Parker Peters – Plank, knee to opposite elbow

Mosey 50 yards

Sleeping Hillbillies – on your side, side crunch knee to elbow, 10x, flapjack

Mosey 50 yards

Absolution 8 count exercise, plank, jump forward, backward (1, 2), down onto arms (3, 4), hop wide then narrow (5, 6), then up onto hands (7, 8). 10x

Mosey 50 yards

Mike Tyson – plank with feet against curb, squat in plank position, and back to full plank position, 10X

Mosey 50 yards

Between each tree perform, lunge walks, duck walks, run – 2X

Back to starting position on the field – repeat

Mosey back to Lightning Rod – for time


Announcements, mumble chatter, and close with Prayer of thankfulness.

We found a tennis ball on the field and it made the round with us. Passing back and forth, nailing each other with it for score to be tallied at the end. I think Free Lunch got the highest score by nailing the Q the most. The tennis ball became our mascot and was supportive of our efforts cheering us on as we wept with sweat. By the end of the VQ we were keeping the mascot in play and making the most of it. We even hit the playground for some action on the rings reminiscing of the Olympics.

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